Hopefully any questions you may have will be answered here, If they are not, then please email us at Info@dreambikecompetition.co.uk and we will gladly help you. 

Alternatively why not join our very active FB group page which has several active members and winners, willing to answer any questions you may have.


Q, How will the winner be notified?

A, We have always done a Facebook live broadcast for the winning announcement. We’re we call the winner live!

Which is normally the following working day after the competition closes at on our Southcoast Suspension facebook page.

We also post the winning details on our Facebook page and a mail shot is sent out to all that entered, informing them who won the main prize and runners up too. It’s also posted to our previous winners web page too. 


Q, When is the Draw and Winning Announcement?

A, The open and close Dates are at the top of the description for the competition you entered. Draw announcements are posted on our Southcoast Suspension Facebook 24hrs prior We also send out a email too.


Q, I’m at work during the live facebook call!  Do I still win?

A, Yes you do, It is not required that you answer your phone to claim the prize. 


Q, What’s my ticket number?

A, No ticket numbers are given out please see “How does it work”. 


Q, I haven’t received my email receipt! Am I still in the draw? 

A, We have found the most common cause people are not getting their receipt, is because they have entered their email incorrectly! Also please check your junk/spam folders and you can log in to your account and edit it.


Q, My Order says “Awaiting Fulfilment” what does this mean

A, All orders are listed as physical products for tracking purposes. And seeing as we never Ship you anything (unless you win!) the system is expecting us to ship you your order hence its “Awaiting Fulfilment” 


Q, Is this for real?

A, YES it is!  It’s been running since September 2016! 

My name is Grant Fox aka Foxy, And I own and operate Southcoast Suspension, An independent Mtb suspension service centre set up in March 2013. And I also manage the Dreambikecompetition™.

It took me around 5 years to get all the legal aspects of running this competition sorted. making sure our Terms and conditions meet The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) And The Gambling Commission.

So yes its legit check out our previous winners.

Our Terms and Conditions can be read here.